Guardians vs. Angels Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights

Guardians vs. Angels full game highlights from 9/10/23, presented by @Adobe

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33 thoughts on “Guardians vs. Angels Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights”

  1. Thru open DH, Angels starts getting young talents more experienced and played in major.
    Bullpen settled with the better controlled pitch rotation. 5day pitch rotation for starting is ideal but…
    Angels starts to understand the opportunities are so scarce that they can not be missed. They had only few hits in this game but able to turn them to runs to win. Cleveland could not.
    Winning is the only way to get real baseball crowds. Superstar and their fans are bonus. So, please develop a winning team with flavors( trout and ohtani) to pack the stadium.
    No vice versa.
    Always the Angels comes first.

  2. lotsa fans came dressed as seats to watch the salt lake city bees continue to toy with cleveland. and said fans were treated to a game not mired in endless timeouts and strategizing and walks and commercial breaks following pitching changes whenever ohtani's in the lineup. in 4 games the guardians visit the pitcher's mound 2X and quietly dropped 3 to the devil-may-care AAAngels. with s.ohtani taking rehab, seattle and texas are served notice. wouldn't surprise me in the least if bees take both those series!

  3. 니들이 오티리에게씌우는일본모자가 어떤 모자인줄아냐?임진왜란때대한민국을침략한 풍신수길(일본수상)이쓰던모자이다역사를모르면나대지말아야지 우리한국인들은 뼈속까지 일본인들이밉다제발역사공부좀하고 응용해라 무식한놈들아


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