Mets vs. Orioles Game Highlights (8/6/23) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Orioles full game highlights from 8/6/23, presented by @americasnavy

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  1. As a Braves fan, I love it anytime I can see the Mets get beat. Can't stand em. The only way I would ever cheer on the Mets is if they were playing the Phillies because I can't stand them even more. I don't like the Mets because of some of the players but I don't like the Phillies because of their fans. They are the worst.

  2. Orioles Magic is back in 2023! Im talkin about the actual Orioles Magic championship team of 1983 were being honored this weekend. Many of those guys came to the Yard to see first hand the new Orioles Magic in 2023. Its a good sign of whats to come in the near and far future. Lets go Os!

  3. Mets fans deserve for this team to be exactly how it is. The front office clearly tried to bring Javier Baez in to play with Lindor , the fans shitted on Lindor's longtime friend. They really tried to link up in NY and recruit others but the FANS blocked their own blessings. New York METS fans dont deserve to see a winning team.

  4. Mets had men on base in every inning except the eighth and, what they didn't leave on base, were doubled off. Just pitiful. Then again, this mess is rigged up, and the Mets are the fall team this year. Don't bet on professional sports. Also, if you think that either the Braves or the Orioles are going win the World Series, forget it. Sports Bet, Fan Duel, MLB, and baseball owners all in cohort and look to make a ton of money this year off all the suckers out there.

  5. The losers Mets and their loser fans get steamrolled yet again. I love it.
    Now 10 GAMES UNDER .500. Hahahaha.
    I guess having an MLB-record high $360 million payroll can't even buy you a winning record these days,
    So humiliating the pathetic Mutts and their loser fans really are.

  6. The Mountain is great. 3rd best closer in the MLB. He has 30 saves and is 6-1 while first and second place for closers are 3-3 and 3-3 with 3 more saves than Bautista but they have played 4 more games than him. Not to mention a 1.33 opponent batting average and 0.85 ERA through 48 games.

    What a signing.

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