Mets vs. Twins Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Twins full game highlights from 9/10/23, Presented by @Adobe

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25 thoughts on “Mets vs. Twins Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights”

  1. As a Mets fan I have to say those TWIN CITIES uniforms are sweet. Jeff McNeil, great defence, wake up at the plat. You too Lindor, Alonso and Nimmo. Too bad things did not work out Daniel V, nice having you on the team. Welcome to our NEW left handed DH hitter for next year, DJ Stewart! Guys been a stud!

  2. Its kind of amazing that I can tell the outcome of a DJ at bat by if the pitch is outside or not. If its not, hes walloping it, if its outside, nothing doing.Maybe off season he can learn to handle that zone better then we really got ourselves something.

  3. What a performance by Pablo Lopez, shame it was wasted by some uncharacteristically terrible offense. Something needs to be done with Griffin Jax, though; he has been godawful lately and he's only getting worse.


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