Nationals vs. Brewers Game Highlights (9/16/23) | MLB Highlights

Nationals vs. Brewers full game highlights from 9/16/23, presented by @geico

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  2. Holy sh! the Brewers nearly blew this game. Nice grand slam by Canha, but the Brewers could've, and should've, slammed the door shut on this thing long before then. The old RISP issue is popping up again. It's good to see Rowdy hitting, but Adames needs to stop chasing balls out of the strike zone. 6 – 8 of that lineup was just atrocious tonight.
    RISP and the strikeouts, it's killed the Brewers in past playoff appearances, and it'll send the Brewers home early again.
    I'd like to think Woody is going to have an easy game tomorrow, but I have a feeling the gNats are going to be buzzing about the bases and in his face tomorrow again.

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