Padres vs. Astros Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights

Padres vs. Astros full game highlights from 9/10/23, presented by @Adobe

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47 thoughts on “Padres vs. Astros Game Highlights (9/10/23) | MLB Highlights”

  1. Living in San Diego, I feel had for Padres Fans. But hey, they may not make Playoffs this Season, but if they can at least win the series aginst the Dodgers this week, that should at least make them happy 😂

  2. they asked Fernando who would they(padres) like to see in the world series and he said IT DOESN'T MATTER WE GONNA WIN IT ALL.
    And this is what happens when instead of being humble and respectful now you find yourself in 4th place of the NL west.

  3. Believe 90% of the players on Padres already folding in on having plans on what they are going to do after last game. The team were never really into extending their season at all and at this point near end of season, of their plays proves they a bunch of millionaires with no love to be champs, only being a champ with their time off the field. Everyone more single minded than A TEAM. Bunch of Losers and players can care less, until they play in SD where the FANS WILL BE BOOING CERTAIN PLAYERS..

  4. Tim Hill just missed pitching for the cycle in the 6th (just missed by not giving up a home run) but Rich Hill helped him complete the 6th inning in style (both pitchers giving up a triple to Tucker)…Padres roster is playing like AAA again, like they have mostly done this century

  5. FINALLY! Dusty plays the BEST lineup so far this season in this game! Granted, there were injuries and all but Brantley has been back for about 2 weeks now so this lineup should have happened sooner. No Maldonado, no Myers, no Kessinger, and no Singleton – FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!😍 When your #9 hitter is batting in the .280's with 21 homers (Diaz) you KNOW this lineup is STACKED!! PLEASE KEEP PLAYING THIS LINEUP MORE OFTEN, DUSTY, AND USE IT IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! GO STROS!✊😆


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