Red Sox vs. Blue Jay Game Highlights (9/16/23) | MLB Highlights

Red Sox vs. Blue Jay Game Highlights (9/16/23) | MLB Highlights

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays full game highlights from 9/16/23, presented by @geico

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  1. I can't blame Chris Sale for this loss the load management actually worked out for him. Sale has missed a ton of games the last 3, or 4 years. He should have the strongest arm in baseball! Definitely not worth 30 million a year. I saw some stat where Boston was like 4-51 with runners in scoring position. Absolutely won't get it done!

  2. Time for the Red Sox to get a new manager. They have the core of players. New manager, and a couple of above average players away.

  3. The little league mistakes the Jays make are a combination of poor leadership and poor coaching. Corrections are in order.

  4. Vladdy was jogging home from 3rd in the last play….imagine had he gunned down at the plate because of that lazy effort…

  5. Nice work by Steve Simmons on his "Jays season basically over" article. We are already back in a wild card spot. That last series between the Rangers and Mariners will cause one of them to drop out.

  6. Kirk heading for second base! He has to be the most unfit sportsman, in the history of sport.

  7. Very, very poor base running for the Jays. But, I'm amazed and thankful that they got the win!

  8. Is Vladdy the best 1st baseman in baseball? Some of the plays he makes, the balls he digs out of the dirt for an out are just incredible. Let’s hope his power hitting keeps coming! We need his homers.

  9. How do you let Texas sweep you? I really don't care, after that. They're just not good enough. All of a sudden vladdy can hit? Couple months late there, fatty. Lol

  10. I know the Jays won the game..but they're not out of the woods….yet!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  11. This game had some of the most idiotic base running errors by the Jays. They seriously need to sharpen up if they want to make the post season

  12. Matt Chapman and the Toronto Blue Jays wins the second ballgame over Justin Turner and the Boston Red Sox ⚾🔵🔴⚪🇨🇦

  13. Once more, Kirk's woeful conditioning is costly. Plus his bonehead baserunning. Why does this man have a roster spot? Not to mention Jansen throws out the baserunner. Why, why did we not keep Moreno and trade Kirk? W

  14. The 2 guys they built this team around are completely incapable of leading this team to victory. They are both chokers. Those mistakes on the bases are inexcusable

  15. Not a single commentator in the USA sport know how to say "Abreu", goddamn, it aint that hard man…

  16. Kirk has to go, ita a disgrace to be that heavy and cant even run a double

  17. This game is "Blue & White Disease" in a nutshell.

    The boys used their gloves, bats and legs, but sorely needed their heads. They're using up their luck right now, and I'm afraid they'll have run out by October.

  18. Never underraated the little game, that base running almost cost the Jays’s game and saved it at the end!

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