Yankees vs. Red Sox Game 2 Highlights (9/14/23) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Red Sox full game highlights from 9/14/23, presented by @geico

(2:15) Wilyer Abreu drives in the Red Sox’s second run
(2:53) DJ LeMahieu legs out an RBI infield single
(3:29) Aaron Judge clears the bases with a grand slam
(3:50) Rafael Devers drills a solo homer to right field
(5:06) Alex Verdugo ties the game with a fielder’s choice
(6:02) DJ LeMahieu gives the Yankees the lead with an RBI double
(6:20) Alex Verdugo snags a line drive to keep the Red Sox within one
(6:40) Oswald Peraza hits his first homer of 2023

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  1. GO YANKS, GO!!! I won't hammer the Red Sox here; I made an error with a previous post and a Boston fan corrected me in a respectful way, restoring my faith in the Red Sox faithful. But, by God, it feels good to win a series, especially over an arch rival, away at their home ground. We've had to endure a frustrating season, us Yankee fans, so we have to celebrate where we can.

    Yankees Forever, Forever Yankees 💙💙🤍🤍💙💙🤍🤍

  2. Always a Stanton fan, he has no business being in the outfield any more. I'm 72, relatively out of shape. Was playing Senior Softball until the covid hit.
    I guarantee you I can beat him in a race, even though I'm awaiting surgery for 2 hernias and a probable hip replacement. I walk with a cane, but can run in an emergency. And I can run faster than him.
    It's embarrassing that he didn't catch up with Dever's lazy popup to left. I would've caught it. I was still diving for balls at third base and in the outfield at 68. How old is Stanton, 32 or 3?
    I've been defending Stanton for years. Batting .199, I think it's time to alter the ridiculously closed stance. Might've worked as a younger man, but he has hit for a low average for over a year-and-a-half. Time to adjust. Make me a fan again. The only way to play is to play hard. All out. I've seen enough Robbie Canoes in my life.
    It really churned my butter in the wild card game against the Red Sox a few years back. He hit two blasts against the monster wall. One was a bomb to deep center field that banged off the wall.
    Where was Stanton? On first base. He pulled that BS that so many players do now: Stand at the plate admiring the shot just hit, only to be embarrassed when the ball doesn't go out, and they're not on 2nd where they should be. Please…

  3. Yankees need to keep beating teams behind them so they are not considered the bad team anymore. Yankees rookies need to be involved in these kind of "pad the stats" games to get their confidence up. Peraza, Cabrera, Florial starting to show that maybe that hitting the ball is not such a rare occurrence.

  4. Chaim Blooms firing is funny and he’s smart. Getting Teams under the tax penalty is what he’s good at. Keeping a lower payroll and building the farm system. ( Tampa Bay Rays)I’m sure he got a good paycheck for that. Now ownership is the problem. “No Ticky, No Laundry “ . We could have Mookie, Bogaerts, and Devers. Owner ship failed the fans. Never mind the $12 hotdogs and beer.😂= Empty seats 😢 And I’m Dirt poor # Homeless

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