Alexa Grasso: ‘I Hope Every September 16th We Can Have a Card Like This’ | Noche UFC

Alexa Grasso: ‘I Hope Every September 16th We Can Have a Card Like This’ | Noche UFC

Flyweight champion Alexa Grasso chatted with UFC’s McKenzie Pavacich following the declared split decision draw with Valentina Shevchenko in the Noche UFC main event on Saturday.

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  1. please give us the trilogy early next year man the score has to be settled once and for all. It was way too close of a fight. I still don't know who to give round 4 to even after rewatching the fight. It was super close but that 10-8 in the fifth round for grasso is absurd. Book Fiorot vs Blanchfield in a number one contender fight.

  2. AL

    Great fight, but that 10-8 R5 is a joke, we need to start holding these judges accountable.

  3. I don't really think this card was that amazing and I think she's just happy she walked away with the title, when she didn't win It this night

  4. Valentina won She was Rob look at Alexa face & that 5th round was Valentina Alexa was not even sure when they were reading the score cards

  5. Y’all needa stop the ass kissing. Valentina lit her up all night with her jab. Grasso did NOTHING besides that knockdown. Say what you want, but the scorecards prove Grasso was gifted the victory.

  6. Good study 🤝🙏🤍
    Traditions of men , are very obvious to those well read. Ezekiel 13, Gods words they choose to neglect. Though his word came in the flesh. Time to Stand not fly. The witnesses will correct things as they do. Well done and said, your mind is Sharp. The Almighty's Will will be done, regardless of any false teachers. Ty

  7. It’s hilarious how she’s treating this DRAW as a win, because she knows she lost, and expected to lose. 😂

  8. No more UFC bouts in Mexico on Sept 16th unless you want another debacle like this.

  9. Both ladies gave their best. They are truly gladiators and professional warriors. Congrats to Alexa

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