Alexa Grasso was PUMPED for her teammate after that win! ❤️

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  1. Lo 5 round Valentina Los ganó, y le dieron a esta el cinturón y toda maderada quedó , le dieron mucha publicidad, para lo que hizo , y la Valentina tiene que bajarle a su orgullo , deporte es deporte , a ella no le gusta cuando tiene una oponente con suerte , y este es el caso , si no le pasará como a muchas que se retiran de vergüenza porque vienen otras empujando fuerte con suerte !

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 they both lost the crowd was the judge tonight. So sad go to sleep at night and think about that. Specially the main event absolutely disrespectful to the sport. Everybody knows it go on YouTube and you will see everybody’s choosing Valentina is the winner which I agree.

  3. I think Valentina won every round. That was a complete robbery. Valentina won that fight by a clear margin. No hate to that Degrassi girl butt she did not win that fight. Then I heard that she argued winning round three which was Valentina's most dominant round. Round five was competitive. That was Degrassi's best round but Valentina's threw like nine unanswered jabs to thr face and bloodied her up. Degrassi wound up chasing a submission for thirty seconds at the end of the round which was a fraction of the dominance Valentina had in round three. If round five was a ten eight for Degrassi than round three was a ten seven for Valentina. How did Degrassi get a ten eight in the round that she got bloodied up in?

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