Vince McMahon to Sell WWE After Retirement Over Harassment Scandal

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Vince McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is reportedly plotting a return to the company months after he retired amid a sexual harassment scandal.

McMahon, who stepped down from his role as CEO in February 2021, is said to be in talks with potential buyers to sell the company. According to reports, McMahon is looking to cash out of the company and is hoping to get a good price for it.

The news of McMahon’s potential return to the company comes after a tumultuous few months for the wrestling giant. In February, the company was rocked by allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against McMahon and other top executives. The allegations led to the resignation of several top executives, including McMahon.

McMahon has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crime. However, the scandal has had a major impact on the company’s reputation and stock price.

McMahon’s return to the company could be a sign that he is looking to restore the company’s reputation and rebuild its stock price. It could also be a sign that he is looking to cash out of the company and make a profit.

McMahon has not commented on the reports of his potential return to the company. However, if he does return, it could be a major boost for the company and its stock price.

Only time will tell if McMahon will make a return to the company. But if he does, it could be a major turning point for the company and its future.