Watford Players Fume Over Wage Cut Before Bilic Sacking

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Watford players were left fuming after the club announced a £300 wage cut to pay for canteen food days before Slaven Bilic was sacked. The news came as a shock to the players, who had been expecting a pay rise after the club’s impressive start to the season.

The club had been in talks with the players over a new contract, but the talks were put on hold when the club announced the wage cut. The players were reportedly “shocked and angry” at the news, with some even threatening to leave the club.

The wage cut was part of a cost-cutting measure implemented by the club in order to save money. The club had been struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the wage cut was seen as a way to help the club stay afloat.

The players were not the only ones affected by the wage cut. The club also announced that it would be cutting back on its canteen food days, which had been a popular perk for the players. The canteen food days had been a way for the players to get free food, and the players were understandably upset at the news.

The news of the wage cut and the canteen food days came just days before Slaven Bilic was sacked as manager of Watford. The players were reportedly left feeling betrayed by the club, as they had been expecting a pay rise and not a pay cut.

The players have since spoken out about the wage cut, with some expressing their disappointment at the club’s decision. Watford captain Troy Deeney said that the players were “angry and frustrated” at the news, while midfielder Will Hughes said that the players were “disappointed and confused”.

The club has since apologised for the decision, and has promised to review the situation. It remains to be seen if the players will receive a pay rise or if the club will continue to cut costs. Either way, the players are sure to be left feeling frustrated and betrayed by the club’s decision.