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A viral TikTok inflatable pool is taking the platform by storm. Seeing many of the “TikTok made me buy this” trends, another such item joins the squad. This latest product is perfect for beating the heat and comes at an affordable price of less than $40.

TikTok is going crazy seeing these TikTok inflatable pools, and the platform is full of videos of users making the most of this pool and sharing the moment with the world.

How to get your hands on the TikTok inflatable pool?

While some products on TikTok can burn a hole in your pocket, this affordable pool is perfect and easy on the pockets too. While many people are super intrigued by this inflatable pool, many are creating out-of-the-box videos using trending songs and creative ideas.

The product is an inflatable pool, which comes in a small packaging, but once you open it and fill it with some air, it becomes a humungous 10-feet swimming pool, perfect for you to chill and host a summer party.

People are creating videos showing how cool these inflatable pools are, and some are even using hairdryers to fill the air, which the netizens are just loving.

Let us now tell you how to get your hands on this fantastic pool. While this pool is primarily available for $33 everywhere, some might even charge you a maximum of $40 for this trending inflatable pool.

Several people on TikTok have bought these pools either from Walmart stores or Sam’s Club; others are relying on Amazon to deliver the pool right to their doorstep. Being a 10-feet pool, these come in several varieties.

Amazon is selling the TikTok inflatable pool for $33. (Image via Amazon.com)
Amazon is selling the TikTok inflatable pool for $33. (Image via Amazon.com)

One such TikTok inflatable pool that the internet and netizens are going gaga over is the Member’s Mark Family pool. Being the perfect fit for the entire family, it has 2 air-cushioned backrests and seats. Setting up this item is just a cakewalk.

TikTok inflatable pool is taking over Twitter too

Although it became a sensation through TikTok, this inflatable pool is making users on Twitter crazy about it too. People can’t stop praising it and telling the world how much their kids love it for a great summer pool-time.

One user also posted saying:

“I need all the Parents to get this for the kiddos this Summer. It’s at Sam’s Club and it’s $33. Let the babies have a pool!”

I need all the Parents to get this for the kiddos this Summer. It’s at Sam’s Club and it’s $33. Let the babies have a pool! 🥺😩 https://t.co/RVxMKffjqR

A few others can’t stop themselves from getting their inflatable pool for some summer fun.

bout to go to walmart and get myself an inflatable pool bc why tf not 🥳

People are using these pools according to their liking and using their creative sides too. Many have been taking these to small water bodies to laze around and have a happy summer afternoon with friends and family.

The craze is such that this inflatable pool is out of stock at most places, making people buy these pools at insane prices.

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