Will we ever see Goldberg wrestle for WWE again?


Bill Goldberg and WWE have been a strange pairing over the years.

From his first, disastrous WWE run to his triumphant return in 2016, to the past-his-prime rhetoric that’s dominated the last few years of his career, Goldberg has never really been a perfect fit for the promotion.

He’s been a superstar tucked carefully into WWE’s pocket, but he’s never truly been given the chance to come out and shine. At least not anywhere near the levels that he once did in WCW.

Still, he is a Hall of Famer, a legend in terms of the Monday Night Wars and one of the most recognizable athletes in sports entertainment history. Love him or hate him, Goldberg is an icon in the industry.

Whether it was his winning streak, his awesome dominance or his pure and natural appeal, he was lightning in a bottle for World Championship Wrestling. They were producing a hot angle with the nWo. The phenom just added to their already popular programming at the time.

Nobody had a rise to the top like Goldberg had in 1998. Beating Hogan at the Georgia Dome infront of over 40,000 fans to win the WCW championship. He found his way to WWE in 2003 where he captured the world heavyweight title. Then returning in 2016 to win the universal title. https://t.co/Q33CuriNEl

“Da Man’ certainly vindicated himself when he returned to WWE after nearly 12 years away, capturing two Universal Championships and having some epic battles with Brock Lesnar. But his later showings started to feel like he was a man slipping off the edge of the cliff. He was struggling in the ring and it was showing badly.

With his age and injuries, will Bill Goldberg ever wrestle for WWE again?

The easy answer to this question would be ‘yes’. Despite his contract reportedly being up following his match with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, there’s nothing stopping him from having a couple more one-offs (and quick paydays) for The Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment.

However, a few factors are at play here.

One, WWE President Nick Khan has been steering away from hefty contracts and other expenses to drive the company’s bottom line. It may get to a point where they end the practice of bringing in legends for huge one-night payoffs.

If that’s the case, Goldberg would be one of the first people they would likely move to their inactive list on a permanent basis.

Secondly, it would need to be a storyline that makes sense. While that hasn’t always been the company’s strong suit, it’s gotten very tiresome just seeing Goldberg carted out to challenge for a championship. For the fans’ sake? If there is another Goldberg match, at least have it make some kind of sense.

Finally, Goldberg himself may not want to wrestle again. He’s clearly got enough money to be comfortable for the rest of his life, and he’s involved with so many other projects outside of professional wrestling.

“I have COVID when I get the phone call to go (to face Roman Reigns). I literally had two weeks in the gym to get ready for this.”- Goldberg(via Car Cast Podcast) https://t.co/aB8GOtjVcb

He’s also dealt with plenty of injuries, and as everyone knows, Father Time is undefeated. Perhaps he just wants to settle in and call it a career, despite any money that may be waved in his direction.

It’s highly likely that we will see Bill Goldberg in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring again, especially if all parties involved believe the juice is worth the squeeze. While it may not be something the fans want to see, it’s doubtful that we’ve witnessed the end of ‘Da Man’.

Do you want to see Goldberg wrestle for WWE again? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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