World Cup Star Wins Award from Mystery Blonde After Ronaldo Mocking


The World Cup has been a source of great excitement and entertainment for football fans around the world. This year, one of the stars of the tournament, France’s Kylian Mbappe, was handed an award by a stunning mystery blonde after mocking Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘siiiu’ celebration.

The incident occurred after France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia in the World Cup final. As the French team celebrated their victory, Mbappe was seen mocking Ronaldo’s ‘siiiu’ celebration, which the Portuguese star had made famous during his time at Real Madrid.

The mystery blonde, who has yet to be identified, then presented Mbappe with an award for his performance in the tournament. The award was a golden trophy with the words ‘World Cup Star’ inscribed on it.

The award was presented to Mbappe in front of the entire French team, and the moment was captured on camera and shared on social media. The video quickly went viral, with many people praising the mystery blonde for her gesture.

The mystery blonde’s identity remains a mystery, but speculation has been rife that she could be a model or an actress. Some have even suggested that she could be a relative of Ronaldo’s, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the mystery blonde’s identity, her gesture was a touching one and a fitting tribute to Mbappe’s performance in the tournament. The French star was one of the standout players of the tournament, scoring four goals and providing two assists in the final alone.

Mbappe’s performance in the tournament has seen him become one of the most sought-after players in world football. He has already been linked with a move to Real Madrid, and it seems likely that he will be one of the biggest stars of the next World Cup.

The mystery blonde’s gesture was a fitting tribute to Mbappe’s performance in the tournament, and it is a moment that will live long in the memory of football fans around the world.