Wout Weghorst Explains Anfield Sign Touch After Man Utd Fan Backlash

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Wout Weghorst, the Dutch striker for Wolfsburg, has recently come under fire from Manchester United fans after he posted a picture of himself touching the iconic Anfield sign on his Instagram page. The post was met with a barrage of criticism from United fans, who accused Weghorst of being disrespectful to their club.

However, Weghorst has now given a bizarre explanation for why he touched the sign. In an interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, he said that he was simply trying to “absorb the energy” of the stadium.

Weghorst said that he had been to Anfield before and was “blown away” by the atmosphere. He said that he wanted to “absorb the energy” of the stadium and that touching the sign was his way of doing that.

Weghorst also said that he was not trying to disrespect Manchester United or their fans. He said that he was simply trying to “absorb the energy” of the stadium and that he had no intention of offending anyone.

Weghorst’s explanation has been met with a mixed reaction from Manchester United fans. Some have accepted his explanation and have moved on, while others are still angry and feel that he should have shown more respect.

Regardless of the reaction, Weghorst’s explanation has certainly been one of the more bizarre ones in recent memory. It remains to be seen if Manchester United fans will accept his explanation or if they will continue to be angry with him.