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WWE legend Booker T on a potential match against Roman Reigns

Booker T is open to stepping into the WWE ring once again and getting in the best shape possible if his opponent is Roman Reigns.

The five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion hasn’t stepped into a WWE ring for a decade. He has, however, featured a few times for his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, and still looks in great shape.

On the latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked by a fan about him being involved in a triple threat match with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. The Hall of Famer joked that he may not be keen on stepping in the ring with Lesnar but he could try to get in the best shape possible for a match with Reigns:

“That first part I like (Roman Reigns), leave the second part the hell out of (Brock Lesnar). With Roman, I tell you, man, if I had the chance to get in the ring with anybody, anyone on the roster right now, it would be Roman, just to see what I have left in the tank. That’s the match that – like I said, I’m not looking to scratch any itch or anything like that – but I really think that’s a match which would motivate me to actually get in as tip-top shape as I possibly can. At this stage of the game, to be able to go out there and just do it, just to say I did, because the dude, man, he’s good,” said Booker T. (13:40 to 14:37)

Checkout the entire episode:

The veteran explained that The Tribal Chief doesn’t “play wrestler” when he steps into the ring and tries to get into the “soul” of every wrestling fan when he performs inside the squared circle.

Roman Reigns has had fantastic feuds with WWE legends in the last year

The Tribal Chief, who has held the Universal Championship for over 500 days, has faced and defeated a few high-profile superstars and legends over the last year.

Reigns had an incredible match against Edge and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania last year, pinning both of his opponents simultaneously. He also had a brief feud with Rey Mysterio on SmackDown and John Cena later in 2021. But Reigns and Booker T have never been in a WWE ring together.

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AJ Styles vs. Edge? Sign us up. More details right here.

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