Yuta’s fight with Kurourushi reaches its climax


While fans had expected Yuta’s fight to end faster than Yuji’s or Megumi’s, no one could anticipate Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175. The manga returned this week after a break and immediately delved into action as predicted before.

Yuta’s fight with Kurourushi reaches its climax in this chapter, and the Sendai Colony arc advances to its next stage. Very few pages of raw scans are available and none of them are translated.

[Spoilers ahead for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175.]

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175 raw scans reveal the end to Yuta’s fight and the beginning of another

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 175 Preview: The monstrous sword blade..!Release Date: Monday, February 21. https://t.co/Lm3MOAsGU6

In the last chapter, Ishigori and Uro noticed Yuta’s power, but chose to observe his fight against Kurourushi. Yuta saved quite a few civilians and faced a swarm of cockroaches. He started to fight Kurourushi, who had come out of his dormant state and wielded the “Festering Life” Sword.

Yuta believed that in addition to Fushiguro’s two rules to allow the transfer of points and players to leave the Culling Game, they needed two more rules. He believed they needed to establish communication and travel between colonies.

Yuta needed 400 points to implement all four rules, and was determined to collect them himself. He also planned to kill Kenjaku to spare Gojo Satoru the pain of having to kill his best friend again.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175 spoilers

According to the spoilers, Yuta’s fight with Kurourushi gets over in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175. As the battle starts, Yuta notices Ishigori and Uro observing the fight. He decides to end the battle soon in order to avoid revealing his proficiency with Reverse Cursed Technique and Rika’s existence.

However, he soon finds himself unable to use his sword because his shoulder is cut by the Festering Life Sword, and something starts growing from the wound. Kurourushi believes that he has won, but Yuta heals himself using Reverse Cursed Technique and uses the same on the Cursed Spirit, making it explode.

However, Uro and Ishigori now know that Yuta can use Reverse Cursed Technique. As soon as Yuta’s fight with Kurourushi is over, the world around him seems to warp and glitch, and Uro Takako appears. Yuta’s next fight will be against her.

Final thoughts

From the declaration that Yuta was second only to Gojo in power, fans had expected his fight to be short. But the entire fight being wrapped up in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 175 only shows how powerful Yuta currently is.

With Uro engaging him in his second fight, it is evident that Ishigori will be the final one to defeat in Sendai Colony.

With Kurourushi’s death, Yuta now has 40 points. If he manages to kill Uro and Ishigori, he will have 50 points. That would mean that combined with Megumi’s 51 points, they will have 101 points. This will enable them to implement a rule.

Yuta has not yet been informed of Yuji having implemented one rule already, which indicates that the events of Sendai Colony are yet to catch up with the events of Tokyo No. 1 Colony.

Once that is announced, Yuta can check the stats of both Yuji and Megumi, and transfer his points to one of them in order to accumulate 100 points in total.

While readers have seen Yuta’s application of his powers, there has not been a proper exposition of his completely developed Curse Energy. Hopefully, the official scans coming out on Sunday, February 20 will portray his fight more clearly.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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