Imam-ul-Haq of Pakistan highlights the deficiency of sixes among their batters in ODI World Cup 2023

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Pakistan‘s performance in the ODI World Cup 2023 have been lackluster thus far, with a mixed bag of results. They began the tournament on a positive note with consecutive victories against Netherlands and Sri Lanka but then faced setbacks against India and Australia.

One of the criticisms directed at Pakistan, in the ongoing tournament, have been their inability to accelerate during the middle overs. Their lack of sixes in the games has come under scrutiny, raising concerns about their batting approach and strategy.

Imam-ul-Haq unveils the cause of Pakistan batters’ sixes shortage in the CWC 2023

Ahead of the game against Afghanistan, Pakistani opener Imam Ul Haq offered an unconventional explanation for the lack of sixes. He attributed it to the team’s dietary choices, suggesting that a carb-heavy diet may be affecting their ability to clear the boundary.

“Maybe we want to eat more proteins and not that much carbs, but it is just that there is nothing we want to talk about. It is just we really do not feel it if we are not hitting six or not four, it is just that what are we doing for the team,” Imam said in the pre-match press conference.

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Imam’s perspective and Pakistan’s future prospects

Imam also acknowledged that Pakistan’s performance have left room for improvement, especially after recent losses. He expressed doubts about the effectiveness of additional training at this stage but emphasized the importance of adapting to the conditions and playing to their strengths.

“It’s just that I don’t believe that now we have a chance to do any kind of more practice. It’s just we are in the tournament, and it’s just about the top-up. We don’t have that much time…but the thing is it’s just that – yes, this is a spin venue ground, and we know that, and the guys individually really depend on how they practice, and it’s just that every individual has their own preparations and we really back them, we really back their ability, and it’s just that’s how it is,” the 27-year-old added.

Pakistan’s strategy against Afghanistan

With an upcoming fixture against Afghanistan in Chennai on Monday, Pakistan are well aware of Afghanistan’s strength in the spin department. Despite this, Imam remains optimistic, pointing out past results that favour Pakistan and their chances of securing victory at Chepauk.

“Of course, there are good spinners in Afghanistan who can bowl well in the middle overs. But we had beaten them in Hambantota 3-0. Even there, the conditions were very spin-friendly. So, we will back that and our ability. In the end, you have to play the ball. You don’t have to play the bowler. So, it’s just that you have to back your ability,” the Multan-born  cricketer concluded.

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