Where Should Joshua Kimmich Transfer to: Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Man City? The Reasons Why the Bayern Star Needs to Make a Move

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At this point, it is nigh on impossible to think of Joshua Kimmich at a club not named Bayern Munich – but his performances are making it clear that the German needs a change of scenery.

Joshua Kimmich is having a torrid season. The midfielder, one of the best of his generation (as well as one of the best right-backs), does not look his usual self, and hasn’t for some time. Is it due to Thomas Tuchel? There is an argument made for that as the ex-Chelsea boss does not think as highly of the 28-year-old as previous Bayern bosses.

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Tuchel has made no secret of his desire to sign a defensive midfielder, someone who could perhaps replace Kimmich, and the latter has lost his status of being one of the go-to players for club management, a link between the hierarchy and the squad.

Tuchel, however, has only been in charge since the spring and Germany legend Lothar Matthaus believes that Kimmich’s performance levels have been steadily dropping for two years, saying recently: “Over the last two years, Kimmich has been properly getting his a** kicked, including by us [the media] because he just hasn’t been performing at the level we expect from him.”

Regardless of who or what is to blame, the simple fact cannot be ignored that 2023 Joshua Kimmich is not the same Joshua Kimmich of years past. He doesn’t offer the same kind of stability or security in possession and has been a liability for Bayern in several games this season.

Joshua Kimmich
– Joshua Kimmich

Change of scenery needed

Perhaps Kimmich is simply exhausted. Since joining Bayern, the midfielder has been virtually ever-present. A meniscus injury in 20/21 has been the only serious ailment to keep him out of action for an extended period of time.

The midfielder has played 40-50+ games every season for a decade and that will take its toll, and losing the confidence of the head coach won’t have helped either. At this point, a transfer may be his best solution to revive his career.

Kimmich is out of contract in 2025 and reportedly wants his salary to be brought in line with Harry Kane’s as part of a new deal, something Bayern bosses are reluctant to agree to. If terms can’t be reached, the 28-year-old will be put on the market in the summer, according to German media.

Joshua Kimmich’s best-suited clubs

Team Club Fit Development Playing Time Playstyle Formation
Barcelona 82 **** *** ***** ****
Atletico Madrid 80 ** ***** ***** ***
Real Madrid 77 **** * ***** ****
PSG 77 ** *** ***** **
Man City 76 ***** * ***** ****

Using data from experts SciSports, we can see where Kimmich would fit in well if he were to depart the Allianz Arena. His best option is, unsurprisingly, Barcelona, who have been repeatedly linked with him but likely won’t be able to afford him even if Bayern were to transfer list him.

Fellow LaLiga giants Atletico and Real Madrid would also be good options, and Kimmich, despite his age, could be a good replacement for Toni Kroos and/or Luka Modric at the latter.

PSG and Man City complete his five best-suited clubs and it would not come as a shock if Pep Guardiola were to request to be reunited with his former Bayern protégé. Kimmich would be an upgrade on Kalvin Phillips, who will need replacing when he inevitably departs.

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