Bomani Jones Shares Insights on Wembanyama, Harden, and Terry Stotts

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Vincent Goodwill is joined by Bomani Jones for a conversation that travels all the way around the NBA, from Victor Wembanyama to James Harden to the Milwaukee Bucks and more, before Dan Devine shows up to talk through Level 1 of our NBA Levels project.

On this episode of Good Word with Goodwill, Vincent Goodwill is joined by Bomani Jones to talk about relaunching The Right Time with Bomani Jones and all things NBA heading into an exciting regular season.

Vincent and Bomani spend a good chunk of time talking about Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama, who is already doing things in the preseason that feel impossible and might be the best thing to happen to the NBA because many will be tuning into his regular season games.

James Harden has been taking personal days away from the Philadelphia 76ers and seems stuck without a way out to the Los Angeles Clippers, who have shown only tepid interest and may not have a spot for him in the starting lineup anyway.

Former Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts resigned from the Milwaukee Bucks because he did not want to be answering to rookie head coach Adrian Griffin, leading Vince to wonder if associate head coaches are a good thing to have and leaving Bomani to wonder what Terry was expecting in the job to begin with.

After talking about if this is the year that youth finally overtakes the veterans for dominance in the NBA, Bomani leaves and is replaced by Dan Devine, who goes through the six guys in Level 1 of our NBA Levels project. These are the guys capable of being the best player on a championship team this year…so why is Luka Doncic on this list?

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