49ers Team Hotel in Las Vegas Faces Fire Alarm During Super Bowl 2024, Christian McCaffrey Expresses Displeasure

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The San Francisco 49ers had a bit of a rude awakening on Thursday as the fire alarm went off at roughly 6 a.m. at their team hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas. While the hotel did not need to be evacuated as engineers noted it was a false alarm, the ringing did go on for roughly 18 minutes and gave those at the hotel a non-negotiable wake-up call.

Some players, like tight end George Kittle, didn’t seem to be too altered by the alarm going off, but as he went down to breakfast and spoke to some of his teammates, he noted that running back Christian McCaffrey and pass rusher Nick Bosa were two who were particularly miffed. 

“It had to be them,” Kittle said after taking an informal poll with his teammates to see who was the grumpiest, via ESPN. “You don’t want to wake the sleeping bear. But Christian was not happy, too.”

In fact, McCaffrey indicated that there may have been some gamesmanship going on regarding the alarm as he didn’t believe it was an accident. 

“I think there’s no way it’s random,” McCaffrey said. “It’s part of it. It’s just more wood thrown on the fire.”

Bosa agreed with McCaffrey and added that this wasn’t the first time that there were some curious hotel happenstances when they were on the road. 

“I’m sure somebody did it,” Bosa said. “It kind of reminded me of Philly when they had this construction going on outside. It was early in the morning and they were like demolishing a bridge right outside of our hotel. We haven’t had the best luck. But no excuses.”

It’s been a quirky week for the 49ers as they gear up for Super Bowl LVIII against the Kansas City Chiefs. On top of this latest situation arising with the alarm at their hotel, the team’s practice field at UNLV was under scrutiny and drew criticism from the team, according to CBS Sports Lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. Despite that, they elected to stay at the university to prepare for Sunday’s title game. 

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