Auction: Tom Brady’s Montreal Expos Topps Baseball Card

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A one-of-a-kind autographed Tom Brady baseball card is currently up for auction at Goldin. You read that right, baseball. The Topps 1995 Bowman Dream Draft Picks SuperFractor card shows Brady representing the Montreal Expos, the team that selected him in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB Draft.

“Topps decided to create kind of like a fantasy card for Tom Brady to get him the baseball rookie card he never had,” Ken Goldin, Goldin’s founder and CEO, told CBS Sports this week. “They had various levels of rarity of the card, with the rarest and most valuable of them all being the SuperFractor. It’s a 1/1, hand-signed.”

This is the first time the card is being offered in the open market, and it has the potential to sell for more than $250,000 at auction. It is part of a set of 81 autographed Brady cards, but this one is the only SuperFractor and there are no plans to make any another one. Its superb condition got it into the PSA Mint 9 category. 

The card was pulled during a livestream by Triple Diamond Sports Breaks out of Minnesota. Goldin wasted no time to send them a message and the lucky breaker’s client happily accepted to put the card up for auction.

“The odds of getting this card, it’s estimated that close to a million packs were produced, so the odds of someone pulling this card was literally about one in a million,” Goldin said.

Brady won a record-breaking seven Super Bowl rings and set several major NFL records including most career passing yards, completions and touchdown passes throughout his historic career. He retired “for good” in 2023 and will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame starting in 2028. 

His success and popularity are clearly shown in many ways, including the price tag of collectibles. In 2021, a Brady rookie card sold for over $3.1 million.

Brady is going down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but he could’ve easily become a professional baseball player out of high school instead of attending the University of Michigan. Topps teased this idea in a recent commercial asking the question “what if?” Even Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was seen taking a look at Brady’s baseball cards.

“He was a very late-round pick in the NFL and he obviously became the greatest quarterback of all time,” Goldin said. “He was a late-round pick in baseball and I think that if he put his mind to it, he was a power hitter, so I could definitely see him put his mind into going to the majors and hitting 40 home runs a year in his prime.”

We didn’t get to see Brady as a baseball superstar, but soon a Brady collector can have a piece of what could’ve been. The auction started on Dec. 22 and the bid is up to $95,000 with a few more weeks to go until the closing date of Jan. 13. 

In auctions, it’s common to see most of the movement close to the end date. However, Goldin advised that those interested reach out to the auction house and register early because those who bid on items of this amount have to go through a credit process.

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