Bears Showcase Solid Performance, Yet Hampered by Self-Inflicted Errors

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Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams asked to get the ball more often heading into the team’s Week Seven game against the Bears and his request was granted early in the game.

Adams had three catches right out of the gate and he was targeted 12 times overall on Sunday, but the results weren’t quite what anyone wanted. Adams had seven catches for 57 yards and the Raiders got blown out 30-12 by a Bears team starting undrafted rookie Tyson Bagent at quarterback.

“I mean, not to discredit anything [the Bears] did — I feel like they played a pretty solid game all around -— but it definitely had nothing to do with any crazy things that they did,” Adams said, via Paul Gutierrez of “It’s more [about] us hurting ourselves. . . . We’ve just got to mix it up a little better. I think it’s about just keeping the defense honest and making it a little easier on the quarterback. We’ve got to do it as wideouts, we’ve got to get the run game going and all these things that we’ve been struggling with all year, it’s making it tougher on the quarterback. So, I mean if we can run it a little better, then I think that that would help.”

One of the plays that hurt the Raiders was a throw into the end zone in the fourth quarter that Adams got his hands on and couldn’t secure for a touchdown. Adams said he “should have made that play” and more generally vowed to “do my part to make sure that I’m helping the guys around me and we’re going to work together and try to figure it out.”

A report Sunday morning said the Raiders are not looking to move Adams despite speculation that might be a possibility before the October 31 trade deadline, so there will be time to figure things out unless something happens to change minds in Las Vegas about the best path forward.

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