Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson Once Again Ejected for a Controversial High Hit

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Kareem Jackson’s twice been fined for helmet-to-helmet hits this season. (Ron Chenoy/Reuters) (USA TODAY USPW / reuters)

Kareem Jackson was ejected again on Sunday for another questionable high hit.

Officials tossed the Denver Broncos safety for unnecessary roughness after he hit Green Bay Packers Luke Musgrave following a catch in the fourth quarter. The ejection was his second of the season and his third unnecessary roughness penalty for a high hit.

The penalty took place as the Packers drove while trailing 16-10. As Musgrave came down with the ball, Jackson lowered his head and dove for the hit. Musgrave’s head violently snapped back as he hit the turf.

Another angle shows Jackson’s helmet making contact with Musgrave’s shoulder and appearing to hit his facemask.

Musgrave held on the the ball for a catch, and officials convened to discuss the call. They didn’t take long to determine the unnecessary roughness penalty and eject Jackson from the game.

Jackson’s previous offenses

Jackson was previously flagged in Week 1 for a hit that concussed Las Vegas Raiders receiver Jakobi Meyers. He wasn’t ejected for the hit, but the NFL fined ultimately him $14,819.

He was ejected for a Week 2 hit on Washington Commanders tight end Logan Thomas. Like the hits on Musgrave and Meyers, Jackson lowered his helmet and launched himself toward Thomas in an effort to dislodge the ball. The hit concussed Thomas.

The NFL fined Jackson $19,669 for that hit. Another fine for Sunday’s hit is surely incoming. The NFL will now face a decision on whether to suspend Jackson for his repeat offenses.

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