Buffalo Bills Playoff Scenarios for Week 18: Securing AFC Playoff Spot and Chasing AFC East Title

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The Bills travel to Miami to face the Dolphins where the winner will be crowned AFC East champion, but Buffalo punched its ticket to the dance in the AFC before taking the field on Sunday night thanks to the Jaguars loss.

Buffalo might have had the most interesting situation of any team entering the final week. They could be as high as the two seed, but also could have missed the playoffs altogether. They are a team nobody wants to face and has legit Super Bowl upside. 

Here’s everything you need to know about their playoff scenarios:

How the Bills can clinch

These were the four ways the Bills could clinch a playoff spot:

  1. Win at Dolphins clinches AFC East title and two seed (TBD)
  2. Tie clinches a playoff spot (TBD, not needed)
  3. Jaguars loss/tie clinches playoff spot (Jags lost)
  4. Texans-Colts tie clinches playoff spot (Texans won)

It’s kind of nuts that we were even talking about a winner-take-all game for the AFC East title considering the Bills were three games back of the Dolphins with five games to play. They could be the fourth team in NFL history to win a division after they were three games back with five weeks remaining, joining the 1973 Bengals, 2008 Chargers and 2022 Jaguars.

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