NFL Record in Jeopardy as Sam Howell Achieves a Staggering 40 Sacks in Just Seven Games

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Heading into Sunday, the Giants’ defense had recorded five sacks all season. Then they faced Commanders quarterback Sam Howell.

The Giants sacked Howell six times on Sunday, giving Howell an NFL-leading 40 sacks through seven games this season. No one else in the NFL has even been sacked 30 times this season.

Howell has also lost by far the most yardage on sacks of any quarterback in the NFL, with 267 yards lost on those 40 sacks. No other quarterback has lost more than 150 yards on sacks this season.

Over a 17-game season, Howell’s current total would project to 97 sacks. The NFL record for most times sacked in a season is 76, set by David Carr with the expansion Texans in 2002.

Howell’s current yardage total would project to 648 yards lost on sacks in a 17-game season. The NFL record for yards lost on sacks in a season is 489, set by Randall Cunningham with the Eagles in 1986.

What Howell and the Commanders’ offense are doing is historic. And not in a good way.

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