KSI echoed the sentiments of many viewers as he criticised the latest edition of Soccer Aid, claiming the former footballers have made it too much about themselves.

England ended their five-game losing streak at in the annual charity match with a 6-3 win over the World XI at Stamford Bridge on Sunday night.

£15,049,590 was raised by the event, with former Chelsea star Eden Hazard scoring for the World XI on his return to Stamford Bridge.

A number of the other ex-footballers on show produced good moments, with Theo Walcott, Jermain Defoe, Joe Cole Alessandro Del Piero all on target while Jack Wilshere showed why he was once one of the brightest talents in the country.

However, KSI and many others watching at home felt that the game had lost some of its former magic with the celebrities seeing little of the ball.

England triumphed at Soccer Aid on Sunday night with a 6-3 victory against World XI

YouTube and boxing star KSI wrote: ‘I’m very glad Soccer Aid raised a lot of money today. Always brings a smile to my face every year.

‘However as a football match, that was an awful and boring watch. It was literally ex pros just passing amongst themselves, dribbling past people and shooting from anywhere constantly lol. 

‘Would much rather it just be influencers and entertainers play. Would make the game a lot closer too and more enjoyable to watch as a viewer.’

‘Just feel like you should give more game time to people who don’t normally get to play in front of these crowds, as a opposed to giving pros most of the minutes.

Another posted on X: ‘Walcott and Defoe have ruined that Soccer Aid second half this year trying to make it all about them. Pass to the celebs and have some fun with it. Simon (Miniminter) was on and in space for over 10 minutes and received about 2 passes #SoccerAid.’

‘Tbh the only good thing about soccer aid was the cause of giving money to young children,’ one wrote. ‘These pro players are selfish. How are you not passing it to other people. Simon deffo got robbed.’

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